CrashPlan – Seeding an Initial Backup to a Friend’s Computer


Using CrashPlan to create a free, personal cloud by setting up a backup routine between yours and your friend’s computer? You might want to seed that initial backup to save a ton of time, and bandwidth costs if you’re on a Continue reading

Access your OneDrive online account from any computer

Here’s another way you can always access your personal OneDrvie account no matter whose computer you’re logging in from. Log into with the email address associated with your OneDrive account. This is often, a email address, but Continue reading

Let’s Install and Set Up LastPass

LastPass: quick installation and setup Go to Click Download Free Find the tab with your OS. I’m doing the install for Windows so find and click Download Open your download location and double-click lastpass_64 to start the installation. If Continue reading

USM GroupWise to UMS Gmail: Email Forwarding Rule

Forward your GroupWise email to USM Gmail ( GroupWise help files contain email forwarding instructions that  don’t work correctly, at least not completely.  If you set up a forwarding rule using these instructions, your email may be forwarded without the Continue reading

Stardock’s Start8 – Restore W8’s Start Button

Windows 8 arrived without a Start button, a casualty of Microsoft’s attempt at one OS to bind them all. No one especially likes the oversight which has alienated users like nothing since Vista. Decreased sales, lost market share. Big mistake. The Windows Continue reading

Copy HFS+ IDE HDD contents to Windows Folder with Parted Magic

A friend’s old Rocstor 500GB FireWire external drive containing Time Machine backups and other personal backups recently stopped working. Actually, the electronics in the enclosure died; the drive still worked, although S.M.A.R.T. data was showing 50 reallocated sectors. I needed Continue reading